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The Intersection of Life

When I struggle to sleep at night, I take a walk. I don’t leave my apartment. I just walk up and down the little hallway in our apartment. I spend time praying for my kids and my dear wife. Sometimes I’ll lean against the sliding door staring out unto the three-way intersection right outside our home. It’s the same one that a police officer uses to stop those individuals who go beyond a certain speed every weekday morning. It’s the same one that I wait for on my way to work or school. If to school I have to cross it by 7:31 am, lest I be late for school. A minute makes all the difference in the world in these parts.

The Intersection
I use to boast in that the nearest stop light was 8.8 miles away and it wasn’t even a full stop light. It was only a blinking red light. I use to boast in that traffic in the country meant having another car on the highway. Times have changed and I find myself staring out unto that intersection during the night watches.

That’s exactly where God has me in life. At an intersection. My life is here for the next few years.

My boasting days are over. At least in terms of blinking red lights and small towns. But I have not ceased giving thanks to God for placing me at this intersection. I’m finding not something else to boast in, but in Someone else.

No matter where the Lord leads me, I have the privilege and honor of being a dad to five beautiful children. I can be at any intersection of life, as long as I have the privilege of holding their hands across these intersections.

Then I think of my Heavenly Father. Not once has He left me. He has always held my hand, caring for me and my family. He is so good. I have both tasted and seen His goodness in my life.

Thank you God for this intersection of life. To You I say, Happy Father’s Day. You are the best Father and I am grateful to be a part of Your family, a part of Your Household, as your son.

It’s all right to be at a red light in the intersection of life. The light may never turn to green. Who knows, it may even just blink red and remind you of past times.

Psalm 34:2 My soul will make its boast in the Lord; The humble will hear it and rejoice.