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Carlo Graduation

Last weekend I joined Carlo & JeanAnn Walth and drove down to Pasedena, CA (SoCal) to be a part of the graduation celebration for Carlo, who was graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary (Doctor of Ministry).

It is hard to imagine how long I have been blessed to know Carlo (nearly two decades!), but it was truly enjoyable to think how God has gifted me with such a wonderful father-figure in my life.  I still remember like it was yesterday when Carlo asked me to meet with him and Chad Brockardt on a weekly basis.  It was after an evening service at Sunrise Community Church (then Bapist Church).

Now nearly two decades later, he is still a part of my life and I thank the Lord for him! He continues to model humility and teachability – two character traits I try to instill in my life and in the lives of the saints at Garden Valley Chapel.

Most of Thursday was driving, but we did enjoy the evening with Bernie & Rachel and their beautiful little girl, Mavey.  Friday was the “hooding ceremony” – a much smaller venue with those graduating with their Doctor of Ministry.  I was thankful that I got to see Charis, Craig & Mariella, Devyn & Sarah Miska on this day. It had been so long since I last saw them. Saturday was the rather larger venue at Lake Avenue Church.  What was extra special was to see Carlen, meet Scott for the first time (Charis’ hubby), and enjoy a nice Mexican lunch with the family.

Below is a short video that I put together highlighting the weekend event. You can also download the video here.