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2013 Year End Show

As we highlight another year at Garden Valley Chapel, we ascribe glory, strength, and goodness to our God. “Good and upright is the Lord” (Ps. 25:8).

Lots of pictures and video clips still portray only a small part of the life and ministry of God among us.

Songs used in this year’s slideshow:

1) “Glorious Unfolding” by Steven Curtis Chapman (The Glorious Unfolding, 2013)
2) “My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness” by Keith & Kristyn Getty (Hymns for the Christian Life, 2012)
3) “All I Owe” by Matthew Smith (All I Owe, 2006)
4) “Planting Trees” by Andrew Peterson (Counting Stars, 2010)

Thanks are due to some skilled photographers for their contribution to this year-end show: Joseph Friedrich, the Smith Family, the Steward Family, Art Philbrook, and Jay Morrissette. Special thanks to my lovely and faithful bride, Angie, who gathered and organized all the photos.

May these shared memories cause you to thank the one true God for His great care and goodness to the saints at Garden Valley Chapel. What a privilege it is to shepherd the flock of God.