Happy Anniversary my dear Angie

For 18 years I have been married to a selfless woman, a loving woman, a caring woman, a prudent woman, a beautiful woman. 18 years, wow! My dear bride has given birth to our precious 6 children with one more on the way any time now. I mean wow!

She has been my side as a student, as a pastor, and back again as a student (some of us are in the school of Christ for life and need instruction more than others). She has followed my lead and has scaled the mountain top experiences of life’s journey with me as well as been there by my side in the dark valleys God has sovereignly placed. Who am I to obtain such favor from God? In His wisdom and faithful care over my live, the creator and sustainer of this universe has blessed me with the wife of my youth and I REJOICE! I REJOICE! I had no clue what kind of a woman God had entrusted me with in Angie when I married her 18 years ago, especially when I said the words, “I DO.” I thought I did. She is an excellent wife and her worth is far above jewels. May the Lord be praised for His lovingkindness to us these years and may He be pleased as we walk in His light for the years to come. So today, I think back and reflect to that wonderful day when I was asked, “Do you take this woman to be your wedded wife?” A thousand times with a thousand more do I say, “I DO!” I love you mi amor, happy anniversary.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favor from the Lord” (Prov. 18:22).

A Journey of Love

Today Angie and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary! It is a great occasion to rejoice, to thank God, and to be renewed in our love for one another in this journey of ever-growing love.

Sadly, I am far away geographically speaking from my bride (over 417 miles away to be exact). The good news is that I have drawn closer to my bride more so than ever and I bask in the friend I have in my bride. She is loving and caring. She is encouraging to my soul. She causes me to laugh and yes, laughing also includes laughing at my idiosyncrasies. She recognizes her sin and repents at a faster rate than I do and serves as an example to me. She serves our family. She loves the church. She loves me…how amazing is that?

For more reasons that only I deeply know, and God perfectly knows, I love “the wife of [my] youth” (Prov 5:18). I rejoice today. I am most grateful today. I bless my God today. Join me today in thanking God for my bride, mi amor.